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Customer Testimonials

" Anne was my executive assistant for 10 years for 3 different companies and I would recommend her to anybody. Her business skills are above and beyond anybody else I have met in the construction industry. She is trustworthy, reliable, and ahead of the game."

- Bob Knapfl, CEO, Cowboy Ventures Inc.


"Competent bookkeeping means a more efficient file for us and lower fees for our clients.  I have worked with Anne for a number of years.  Anne’s work is excellent and prepared in a timely manner.  I would recommend her to anyone starting a business or looking for a new bookkeeper."

- Derek Nuttall, C A,  Brett L.Redekop Accounting Ltd.


"Anne has been my bookkeeper for 7 years and she is great. She has always steered my in the right direction with advice on the accounting end. She is always reliable."

-Sean Law, CEO, Creekside Fire Protection Ltd.